United We Dance

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                                        Class Schedule 2015-2016

     Studio A                                                               Studio B                                            Studio C                        

4:00-4:45- A3 Ballet                                   4:00-4:45- Pre Tap and Ballet                   4:00-4:45- Pee Wee Hip Hop
4:45-5:30- Beginner Hip Hop                     4:45-5:30- Promoted Tap and Ballet          4:45-5:30- School Age Jazz 2
5:30-6:15- Intermed. Hip Hop                    5:30-6:15- A-1 Tap and Ballet                   5:30-6:15- Jr Hip Hop 3
6:15-7:00-Intermed. Hip Hop 2                  6:15-7:00-A-2 Tap and Ballet                    6:15-7:00- Advanced Pointe
7:00-8:00- Senior Ballet                             7:00-8:00- Jr/Teen Advanced Ballet               
8:00-9:00- Senior Jazz                               8:00-9:00- Jr/Teen Advanced Jazz
4:30-5:15-Jr/Teen Comp Hip Hop               4:15-5:15- Mini Comp Jazz                    4:00-4:45- Beginner Pointe
5:15-6:00-Senior Advanced Hip Hop           5:15-6:00- Jr/Teen Tap                          5:15-6:00- Mini Comp Hip Hop
6:00-7:15- Senior Jazz                                6:00-6:45- Jr/Teen advanced Hip Hop    6:00-7:00-Jr. Ballet 1
7:15-8:15- Senior Ballet                              7:15-8:15- Jr/Teen advanced Ballet        7:00-7:45- Teen Rec Prof.
8:15-9:00 Senior Tap                                  8:15-9:00- Teen Int. 2 Jazz
4:00-4:45- Mini Professional                     4:00-4:45- School Age Beginner Jazz         Studio C for additional solos                          
4:45-5:15- Mini/Junior Solos                     4:45-5:15- School Age Beginner Ballet
5:15-6:15-Junior Professional                    5:15-6:00-School Age Beginner Hip Hop                     
6:15-6:45-Production                                6:45-7:15-Teen/Senior Solos         
6:45-7:45-Teen Professional                     7:45-8:45- Junior/Teen Advanced Jazz
7:45-8:45-Senior Professional       


4:00-5:00- Mini/Jr Rec Professional           4:00-4:45- Petite Jazz                           
5:00-5:45- A3 Tap                                    5:00-5:45- A-4 Jazz                                 5:00-5:45- Jr. 2 Ballet
5:45-6:30-A3 Jazz                                    5:45-6:30- A-4 Ballet                               5:45-6:30-Pre Tap & Ballet
6:30-7:15-Jr. Jazz 1                                  6:30-7:15- Mini Comp Ballet                   6:30-7:15-Teen Beg. Jazz
7:15-8:00-A4 Tap                                     7:15-8:00-Teen Int. Jazz 1
8:00-9:00-Teen Ballet 2                            8:00-9:00-Teen Int. Ballet 1

We close Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Holidays (November 25 & 26), Christmas Break (Dec. 21- Jan 3).

Fall classes begin on August 3.

One class per week: $65.00  Two classes per week: $90.00 Three classes per week: $115.00  Four classes per week: $135.00

Five classes per week: $150.00  Competition Team price (competitive) $125.00 per month

** Family discount: 1 child regular price/next child 35% off.

Registration fee: $25   Showcase fee due: March 26, $60  Rec costume fee due Nov. 20, $55

 ****Attire for ballet classes without tap combined must be black leotard and black tights. Hair in bun or pony tail
****You must have the appropriate foot wear for each class.
****A late fee of $10 will be charged if tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month. The 1st of each month it is due.
****FULL tuition must be paid August through June. Some months have more days of dance and some have less, it all works out to give the proper amount of classes. A 10$ late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month.
**** Tuition is due the FIRST of each month. A $10 late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month.