United We Dance

10040 Dorchester Road, Suite 101SummervilleSC  29485



                                                                       UWD Intensive Schedule

                                                                            July 27-30, 2015

Studio A                                                                     Studio B                                                  Studio C

3-4pm Troy (Teen)                                                 Wendy (Junior)                                             David (Petite)
4-5pm Wendy (Senior)                                            Lindsay (Mini)                                              Troy (Petite)
5-6pm David (Teen/Senior)                                    Troy (Junior)                                                 Wendy (Petite)
6-7pm Lindsay (Teen)                                            David (Junior)                                               Wendy (Mini)
7-8pm Troy (Senior)                                              Wendy (Teen)                                                David (Mini)
8-9pm Lindsay (Senior)                                         Troy (Mini)

3-4pm MJ (Senior)                                                 Kira (Teen)                                                   Tre (Petite)
4-5pm Kira (Junior)                                               Tre (Mini)                                                     Mercedes (Petite)
5-6pm Tre (Teen)                                                 Kira (Mini/Petite)                                          Mercedes (Junior)
6-7pm Mercedes (Senior)                                     Tre (Junior)                                                   MJ (Mini)
7-8pm Kira (Senior)                                              MJ (Teen)                                                     Mercedes (Mini)
8-9pm Tre (Senior)                                               Mercedes (Teen)                                    

3-4pm Amanda (Teen)                                         Chad (Mini)                                                   Ryan (Petite)
4-5pm Ryan (Teen)                                              MJ (Mini)                                                       Chad (Petite)
5-6pm MJ (Teen/Senior)                                      Ryan (Junior)                                                Amanda (Mini)
6-7pm Amanda (Senior)                                      Chad (Junior)                                               Tre (Mini tap)
7-8pm Chad (Senior)                                          MJ (Junior)
8-9pm Tre (Teen/Senior tap)                              Ryan (Mini)

3-4pm Ryan (Teen)                                             Chad (Mini)                                                 Carly (Petite)
4-5pm Chad (Teen)                                            Carly (Mini)                                                  Ryan (Petite)
5-6pm Ryan (Senior)                                          Carly (Teen)                                                 Chad (Petite)
6-7pm Chad (Senior)                                         Carly (Junior)                                               Ryan (Mini)
7-8pm Carly (Senior)                                         Chad (Teen)                                                Ryan (Junior)
8-9pm Ryan (Senior)                                         Chad (Junior)

 Camp Cost: 325$ for the week

****Take class with your level!! If you have a break, and you want to take a level up that is fine